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A self-taught musician, Dave has played guitar for over 45 years. He was born & raised in Sitka, Alaska, although recently relocated to the Seattle area. He has opened for and shared the stage with Guy Davis, as a part of Dave’s love of “Delta Blues” style predominates what he has played for the past 15 years. He has attended Centrum Acoustic Blues Festival in Port Townsend, Washington for workshops taught by some of the best known acoustic blues players of today to include Corey Harris, Guy Davis, Alvin Youngblood Hart, and Louisiana Red just to name a few. 

Dave began playing out publicly in New Zealand where he opened for Paul Ubana Jones and ‘lil Ian Goodsman. He played annually for HomeSkillet Festival in Alaska where he opened for Steve Arvey of Florida, and “Cadillac Jeff” Aker of Spokane, Washington. He also opened for Jake LaBotz in a concert sponsored by HomeSkillet and recorded a song “You Rascal You” with Hanni El Khatib in a video titled “Grizzlies, Pickles, & Whiskey”, filmed by Nick Walker and posted on YouTube. 

Strummindog has release three albums, available on, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. 

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