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You searched for events or artists with genre Indie .

Rory Van James

Genre: Folk , Indie

Rory Van James is a 6'9" singer/songwriter based in Seattle, WA. After years of traveling the country as a professional baseball player, Rory decided to move to Duluth, MN; and begin a music career.

After a couple years of performing for local crowds in Minnesota and finishing school, he moved to Homer, AK; where he began to write his first full length album entitled "The Passage." Following four months of solitude, he moved to Seattle, WA; where he would go on to recording his album and play in several bands.

In 2016, he would begin a new solo project and travel to Abbey Road Studios in London to begin the four part (double vinyl) recording project "Sewn Silhouettes," which will be released in December of 2017.

Seattle Pride: Sick Womxn & Queers Show - Featuring Manybest, Leland Chazen and Nic Masangkay

Genre: Benefit , Indie , Rock

Raffle and Prizes!

A Benefit to raise awareness and funds for LGBTQ community healthcare access. Everyone deserves access to affordable healthcare! Let's sing and dance our way to this dream of equity! Funds will be split between artists and additional donations can be made to LGBTQ health organizations and individuals such as Leland Chazen who are fundraising for life-saving surgery they cannot afford.

Manybest is a queer psychadelic folk music project by Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm (KPH) and Conor Whelan. They formed as a band when Kaeley was ill and mostly bedridden for three years, and they turned music into an outlet for healing. Kaeley funds her medical treatment by posting music for her patrons on and the band performs around the Pacific Northwest and beyond with their rhythmic, interactive harmony-licous story-telling. 

Leland Chazen is an Iranian, Jewish, white, fat, chronically-ill poet and a co-curator of The Sick Womxn & Queers Shows! Leland is an Educator and Chronic Lyme Disease advocate/activist. Their Chapbook "Timestamps" was published in 2017.

Nic Masangkay is a 25-year-old, multiply-marginalized poet, music producer, and singer-songwriter based in Seattle. With poetry Buzzfeed claims “will leave you speechless” and music the Seattle Times reports is "synth-pop with overlaid vocals in the style of Reggie Watts," Nic is incredibly grateful that anybody wants to listen to the art that they create to survive. Embraced by Seattle’s LGBTQ writing community at 18-years-old, Nic has since gone to perform their poetry locally and nationally - opening for Andrea Gibson twice, and reading alongside some of their arts-activist heroes like Leah Lakshmi Piepszna-Samarasinha and Anastacia Renee. They also speak and keynote at LGBTQ events, some including Pride ASIA and the University of Washington Qolors Reception. At College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) 2013.


Simply Put

Genre: Alt Country , Indie , Soul

  1. Thursday, August 16 9:00 PM (21+)

Simply Put, an indie startup from Santa Cruz, CA, infuses the singer-songwriter genre with hints of soul, alt-country, and modern-folk. Built around Lauren Wahl's borderless songwriting, Simply Put takes storytelling to a new level, with a funky, original sound both unique and inviting.

Sing Low, Indigo

Genre: Americana , Indie , Jazz

Heidi Matthews knows how to rock out—as you'll agree if you ever catch her playing keys and singing background vocals with Seattle’s hard-rocking stalwarts, the Spinning Whips. Heidi will be the first to tell you that being on stage with the Whips is a fun and wild ride. But she has another side. A sucker for sultry jazz, Heidi got a notion to try a new gig, one where she would rock a cocktail dress instead of ripped jeans—as a smoky jazz chanteuse.

She knew she had to give it a try—so she teamed up with jazz guitarist and songwriter Glen van der Ploeg in 2014. They quickly developed a strong musical empathy and a signature sound that is moody, spacious, and intricate. Listeners were surprised to learn they’d played together for months rather than years. Also surprising was how Glen, a Michigan native who had previously written songs only now and then, found his creativity sparked by Heidi's deeply felt delivery of his complex, poetic lyrics. Diving deeper into his craft, he rolled out a string of new songs with various themes and styles reflecting the moods of life in the Pacific Northwest. At the same time, Heidi found her stride as a passionate jazz diva with a badass punk attitude.

Glen and Heidi soon filled out their sound with an acoustic bass player and a percussionist. They hit Seattle clubs and coffeehouses with a name that reflects their moody, heartfelt vibe: Sing Low, Indigo. Before long, they had more than enough material for an album of mostly original, hard-to-categorize music—equal parts jazz, Americana, indie-pop, and lounge. Their debut was recorded in 2016 and released in 2017

The Triple Door

216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tickets 206.838.4333

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