Portland Cello Project - 90s vs. 90s

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

Oregon’s acclaimed and beloved genre-defying chamber ensemble is traversing through time in its upcoming performance: 90s v. 90s. In this newest installment, Portland Cello Project explores and showcase both well- and lesser-known works from the 1790s, 1890s, and especially the 1990s. This night won’t just smell like teen spirit; the performance will feature Beethoven and other classical and romantic heavyweights, seamlessly crossing over to everything from Jane’s Addiction to No Doubt.

Patti King of The Shins joins the group as a guest vocalist for a night of musical homage that transcends the ages. Always innovative and bringing the unexpected, PCP will usher you through time in a friendly competition of eras and soundscapes doing what they do so well: reimagining what makes all music special. Bring your best flannel (or waistcoat) and see which period wins — no matter what happens, it will be a ton of fun.

$25 General // $35 Premium