Maddie Wolf and The Pack w/ James Coates

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

Maddie Wolf and The Pack are a Pacific NorthWest Band Featuring Lead singer Maddie Wolf and her amazing backing band. Performing a myriad of funky covers and soulful originals, Maddie Wolf and The Pack are excited to bring their music to The Triple Door this April!

Lead singer Maddie Wolf is a full-time art teacher, with an aspiration and passion for music on the side. She grew up in western Washington and has had the opportunity to play music all over Washington State. Thanks to her husband, friends, family and bandmates, she has pushed herself outside of the box in the past few years and has started performing originals live! Keys player and Producer Michael Rabb is a creative genius having a professional career in many creative facets. He is a loving father and husband; Rabb is also one of the most fun musicians to watch play, so be on the lookout for his infectious energy. Saxophonist Aaron Watt, husband and father, a real life "Duke Silver" teaches and coaches for his main gig, but gets to work his side hustle as a musician. He grew up in the Puget Sound area and has played in and around the region for over two decades. We can't wait for you all to enjoy the sounds of soulful sax from Mr. Watt. Electric Guitarist Phillip Steven Hopper is a guitarist from Washington state currently residing in the LA area. He also plays alongside Timeshare, another local band. "Single and ready to make your ears tingle" (quote directly from Phil himself). Drummer Luke Peterson is a loving husband who works for the company Headspace. When he is not working, Luke is either hanging out with his friends or playing in multiple bands as a killer drummer! Bassist Brandon Moesta is a very talented musician and gets to pursue that avenue full-time! "Brandon Moesta is a xylophone player. He lives, he laughs, he loves" -Brandon.

These individuals met through various musical experiences and clicked the moment they all played together. Each of the band members contribute an important part to the sound of Maddie Wolf and The Pack and they can't wait to share it with you.

$20 General // $25 Premium